Wednesday, March 15, 2006

New storage backends for Durus?

Durus, the little python object db that could, seems to suddenly be getting two new storage backends. Jesus Cea announces that he is working on a BerkeleyDB storage backend, and Peter Wilkinson announces another one for SQLite.

Both are motivated by the desire to Durus more usable for large data collections, such as start-up speed and impact on memory usage. And, both agree that working with the small and effective Durus code base is a joy...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Busiest site is powered by Quixote?

There was a flurry of activity last week on the quixote-users mailing list. Quixote is that other quiet Python Web Framework, that few people talk about but is well-thought out, simple, solid, and has been around for a long time. It's typically hype-shy users are extremely appreciative....

Well there has been a lot of talk lately about Python Web Frameworks, with the new kids on the block, i.e. Django and TurboGears, getting all the attention. Of the arguments in their favour, at least for Django, is that they have been proven on high-traffic sites.

Well, Bo Yang thinks that possibly his Quixote-powered site,, is busier than any Django, TurboGears or even RoR site in the world, getting about 450,000 page views a day, all dynamically generated by Quixote. Oh, and if your chinese is not so good, there is an english version at

Scalability issues? It is all running on just one machine! Quoting Bo Yang from further down the email thread: " is currently running on a $1,500 home-made 1U server with an AMD athlon 64 dual core cpu, and SATA drives. It is hosted in Beijing. lighttpd, quixote, memcached, mysql are all running on one machine."