Thursday, April 06, 2006

New QP release is more open

The newly released QP version 1.5 is good news! It is now a lot easier than before to create QP sites that (a) do not use the default Directory-based URL traversal, (b) use a database other than the Durus object database, that is the persistence system used by default, and (c) do not use a database at all!

Some thread-awareness has also been added to the Publisher, to make it easier to run QP sites in multi-threaded contexts. QP sites are generally single-thread multi-process deployments. In this same vein, a __call__ method has been added to the Publisher, to make it more WSGI friendly.

Mucking with the included demo sites, it was also a pleasant surprise to find the "quickie wiki" simple wiki module, that is a really clear, small but functional example of how one would go about building web applications with QP and Durus.