Monday, February 12, 2007

2 Million Page Views a Day with Quixote

Bo Yang send this small note to the Quixote mailing list this past Thursday, that I repoduce almost entirely below:
Just to report-in the progress we're making with a real-world Quixote installation: yesterday celebrated its first 2 million- pageview day. Quixote generated 2,058,207 page views. In addition, there're about 640,000 search-engine requests. These put the combined requests at around 2.7 millions. All of our content pages are dynamic, including the help and about-us pages.

We're still wondering if we're the busiest one of all the python/ruby supported websites in the world.

Quixote runs on one dual-core home-made server (costed us US$1500). We have three additional servers dedicated to lighttpd and mysql. We use memcached extensively as well. is the most visible python establishment on the Chinese web, so there's been quite a few django vs. quixote threads in the Chinese language python user mailing lists.
So, the question "Is busiest site powered by Quixote?" is still a very valid one...